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Right but I think Undead's point was that we're purely talking about the aesthetics of the lighting as a subject of debate, so why even bother bringing up "light pollution" when it's a completely different issue?
Because Undead-san did?
Is there a problem with the lighting? Last night I noticed a few dead lines with some others flickering? Didn’t look intentional.
Recently, there have been complaints from people about the brightness of the building's lighting. However, I personally haven't found it problematic, but then again I don't live in Toronto so I have no opinion on the matter. It is possible that the building's owners are dimming the lights and makin' 'em flash in response to these complaints. what about those on social media that do like it?, a lot of us here.
UrbanToronto is in fact a social media website, albeit one focused on everything Toronto from skyscraper construction to subway construction to Toronto politics.

This website is in fact one of the most pro-skyscraper social media websites on the Internet, especially one that focuses on Toronto. Even the Toronto subreddit doesn't discuss skyscraper construction as much as we do.
March 3rd