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Sunday St. Lawrence Antique Market. Anyone here go? Any tales of great "finds"?

What's everyone's take on the "firing / relocation" of the general manager at the St. Lawrence market. Seems like there is a lot of controversy over the matter, not sure what the city is attempting to do here ?
I'm not aware of anyone being fired. The manager of the market was transferred to a different location. Looks like his replacement has more skills that will be necessary to deal with all the upcoming terminations and relocations because of the upcoming demolition and rebuild of the north market. Isn't this a good thing, putting the right person in the right job?

Can't see it having much to do with the south market, given there are no vacancies there I've noticed, and how little turnover there is. Though to read Frank Touby's articles in the Bulletin, you'd think the world was going to end ... but if you've read Frank Touby's previous writings, you'd be aware that he is often completely out-to-lunch - and doesn't even write well ... it's amusing to go through his article carefully sometimes, and see where the editor just through in the towel, and the article switches to being readable, to being completely irrelevant, badly worded sentences (just guessing here ... perhaps there are other factors to explain why the writings come more and more to resemble the ranting of a drunk as you get deeper into it). Not sure why the Bulletin still uses him ...
The timing of it all did seem a little odd though.

Any idea roughly when the north market will close and construction start ?
Ooooh! Whereabouts is it?

East and across the street from the No Frills store on Pacific.

I don't know about that one...I was referring to the one on Dundas...1 block east of Keele (the empty lot that used to be McBride Cycle).

It's once a month.

SLAM finds today:

...Riihimaki amber glass 'Stromboli' vase by Aimo Okkolin
...Hermes Baby with cursive type

and the strangest find of all...Urban Shocker!!! (well, technically, he found me)
and the strangest find of all...Urban Shocker!!! (well, technically, he found me)

Delighted to make your acquaintance, Mr. freshcutgrass.

For $25 I bought a red Sony Dream Machine clock radio, to match the white one my late partner bought me for Christmas 1983, and which still works just fine.

And, for $50, an elephant hide Gladstone bag that almost matches the one I bought on my trip to the Far East ( Kingston Road ) a couple of years ago. So now I have matching luggage - and I've named the new boy Babar, a mate for Nellie.
You may not want the gondola - but I got the ENTRANCE!



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I have not seen him at the market in a very long time, and I don't think it is something he would just stop doing. Perhaps he is on an extended trip to jolly old England?