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Sheppard Line 4 Subway Extension (Proposed)

There is one small side effect though. Sending Ontario line to Sheppard will divert traffic away from Sheppard Line which is already not as busy as it should be. Ontario line would be a faster way to reach Downtown than Sheppard Line --> Yonge Line.
Keep in mind that along the Sheppard Line (in a future context), all its potential connections will head downtown anyway. There will be the connection to Line 2 at McCowan and to the Stouffville line at Agincourt (Kennedy) in the east.

Then the connections to Line 1 (both sides hopefully and to an extent Barrie line at Downsview Park) to the west. That's 5 connections and OL will make it a possible 6.

There's also somewhat the connection to the Richmond Hill line at Leslie-Oriole which will make it 7 whole lines to choose from during rush hour. The Ontario Line will be way more than fine if it gets extended to Don Mills Station.
If Sheppard goes ahead with the east extension, wouldn’t it also make sense to extend the Ontario Line further north to Don Mills Station? For connectivity and further relief to Line 1 (mostly Sheppard-Yonge) this is for sure logical.
But SmartTrack!

The Yonge extension was only suppose to go to Steeles. But suburban politicians were crying that they wanted the subway in their riding to get re-elected again.
Do people living north of Steeles teleport to work?
(OL) Science Centre station will be designed to allow for an elevated northern extension to meet line 4 at Don Mills in a future stage
The province's latest Transportation Plan shows the Ontario Line being extended well beyond Sheppard to TTC Kipling via the 407. Though Sheppard (and better yet Finch) would be a good start.
North York Centre was an infill station, an infill station that was planned for a long time, and tunnels were built with it in mind. The actual extension to Finch was a multi phase project that extended the line from Eglinton (first to York Mills, then to Finch).

The only 1 stop extensions were A) Wilson to Sheppard West (this was built so that the subway could meet up with the future Sheppard Line), and B) Kennedy and Kipling, which were made to provide a connection to future suburban LRTs, not to mention both of those extensions were above ground/cut and cover under a former rail ROW, so they were cheap to make. Extending the line to just Steeles would likely involve buying a TBM just to use it for 1 stop (granted it shouldn't have been but oh well).
or they would continue the cut and cover tunnel from finch to steels
You know what - I’m this case I’ll take it. At least he’s championing a transit line as opposed to a highway.

(Still won’t forgive him for the supportive housing shenanigans.)

Of course you take it given the pitiful transit construction here. There'll be real benefits once Sheppard is extended further.

I like the members in the background after he said eastern extension.

"Ahhhh, west AND east, very clever!"

Well if the province wants to pay for it idk extend it to the airport or something. 🙃