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Rob Ford's Toronto

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CP24 is now showing the Ford supporters. There is weeping and gnashing of teeth. and ranting.
Someone break out the Kool Aid please...

HaHa! I blame the media for there non- approach on the Ford families many decades long well documented drug dealing drug using, bigoted, racist, criminality. They just want to sell ads, papers and such...... The Fords make money for the media. Sad stuff this simulacrum.
That was too close for comfort. At least the Fords are reduced to bit players instead of embarrassing Toronto on the world stage.
Too close for comfort. The 22% voting for Chow almost cost us 4 more years of a Ford as mayor.
Oh come on ... it's not like Ford is that close to Tory. There's well over 7% between them. We are well in the range of the polls:


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Yup good speech.

Tory's share is growing so, for now, relief. I'm still incensed by the Ford vote though.

Well, as ever, Ward 2 is still best experienced by driving through on the 401.

So discouraging. How could people actually vote for an invisible 21year old, no experience candidate like Mikey? And how is it possible that Andre Domise didn't at least come close?
Just listening to Olivia's speech - I hope John Tory uses many of her ideas. A very gracious speech.
Well at least Doug isn't running things. I just hope he isn't still behind the scenes manipulating Rob.

No no no. We want Doug behind the scenes to continue to provide all the sound advice that made his brother's mayoralty such a resounding success.
Rob's giving a rambling scrum at the camping HQ. With his hair loss he could be Mike Duffy's cousin. Although he more closely resembles Kingpin.
Too close for comfort. The 22% voting for Chow almost cost us 4 more years of a Ford as mayor.
I know many on here were against strategic voting but this is exactly why many voted strategically.

Tory could have put forth polices that appealed to that 22%. Oh snap.
I'm just not happy with some of these wards in the north end; A few overwhelmingly voted for Ford:

I know a couple folks who live in this area and none voted for him ... I don't understand it, I expected him to win here no doubt, but not by 80/20% #s ... do they not realize for 3 out of 4 years, Ford managed to accomplish nothing by simply distracting Toronto from any legitimate issues, is first year, fine, whatever, he's incompetent but at least he "fought for the people" I have no issue with that, but for 3 years he did jack all, this is what really pisses me off ... like his polocies, hate the supposed establishment ... but why vote for someone that did nothing for Toronto after his first year ..
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