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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Well, as ever, Ward 2 is still best experienced by driving through on the 401.

No no no. We want Doug behind the scenes to continue to provide all the sound advice that made his brother's mayoralty such a resounding success.

Yes, the charm that is Rexdale is best experienced that way.

I expect we'll all continue to benefit from Doug's continued tag team act. Even from Chicago.

Doc, can you prescribe anything for this nausea? Should I just barf now, or is an enema best?
Do they do a hand count of a certain percentage of the votes from each ward , I think they hand count 10% in the US, to make sure the scanner numbers match up.

Somethings wonky. GD electronic counting machines f'n up our democracy.

Guess I'll have the Porter jets flying over my city soon. sigh
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While this is the Ford thread and not the mayoral thread, out of curiosity I went to Tory's campaign site to get a refresher what his platform was, and now his team appears to have shut off their WP install?

Weird I agree ..
man it sounded like he was issuing a threat (probably just to us, though ;) )

This Ford thing is a bonafide cult. It's hopeless. :(

"All-out war"

I wonder what turnout was like in Scarb/Northern Etobicoke. It's 65% overall which is fairly incredible.
And whether you like it or not folks, the campaign starts tomorrow morning. Doug's got a presser scheduled for nine...

StrashinCBC 8:54pm via Twitter for BlackBerry
Rob Ford: in four years, you are going to see another example of a Ford never giving up. Talking about 2018.
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I'm calling it a day, but I'll leave you with this:

Daniel Dale @ddale8 · 55 secs 55 seconds ago
Another 2018 thing to remember: the provincial government has promised ranked ballots. If Toronto adopts them, no chance for any Ford.
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