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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Saw Jimmy back in action today on the news.

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fwiw, that's at the muskoka store in gravenhurst. you can see the store name here...



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It's three Rob Fords vs. me for this Big Mac meal...

Ordered the two red tie ones on Election Day... they still hadn't arrived today so I contacted the guys who make them ( and they offered to re-ship my order. I said I could swing by their office and pick them up, so I went today.

The guy who designed these, Chris, met me at the office. He threw in the one with the green tie as a gift. Everyone in the building lobby loved them - as I waited for the elevator to arrive to take me back downstairs, I heard him offering one to the receptionist who thought they were cute.

Too bad the real RoFo is not so charming, cute and squeezable.


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Worth reading.

"City Hall: Lord of the Flies

This week, someone brought a conch shell into City Hall and blew it. Now this might not seem so unusual, since this great civic hall has also seen meowing, temper tantrums from the Ford brothers, blatant displays of hatred, negativism and petulance (again from the Ford brothers), spontaneous dance parties to reggae music, senior councillors being bowled over football style (again, Ford), and the famous and world-broadcast admission of drug use (again, surprise, surprise, from a Ford). And this is our seat of city government. ( continued )...
Person seems to know what they are talking about.
"Dufferin County Paramedic. Town of Orangeville volunteer fire fighter."

tomedic99 was talking about subway jumpers, and only Toronto EMS does those.
"A full body part count has to be completed before the scene can be cleared. Last thing you want is someone finding a finger a few hours later."

Tomedic99 seems familiar with emergency procedures in Toronto, whereas dufferinmedic knows the situation up in Dufferin County. They seem like two different people to me.

"Rob Ford flees rehab, drives over grass field, smashes through fence"

"Hmm, I was wondering what that call for a car vs fence was earlier. If true, wow."
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It’s tempting, but reporters can’t ignore the Ford-nado

Last updated Friday, Jul. 11 2014, 3:38 PM EDT

Whenever Rob Ford says or does something outrageous – which is to say, most days – people ask the same thing. Why don’t you just ignore him? The media only gives him oxygen. Stop covering him. That will fix his wagon.

Why even bother to report it when he pulls an obnoxious stunt like sitting through an ovation for the organizers of WorldPride? Hasn’t he already made his feelings abundantly clear? Or why not just boycott him when he holds an invitation-only press conference and refuses to take questions?

It is tempting, that’s for certain. Reporters don’t relish chasing Rob Ford through parking garages or barking questions he refuses to answer (then occasionally does, making the constant Ford watch a necessity). Opinion writers get tired of correcting all the nonsense he spouts, calling over and over for his resignation and finding polite ways to say, “What a bozo.”
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It is tempting, that’s for certain. Reporters don’t relish chasing Rob Ford through parking garages or barking questions he refuses to answer (then occasionally does, making the constant Ford watch a necessity).

I have read that in experiments researchers can get rats to pay more attention to performing a certain task if they get the reward occasionally as opposed to every time they do it.

In response to the limited-access press conference, city council passed a new rule this week that banned city politicians from holding invitation-only media events on city property. That was an over-reaction. It is not for city council to decide whom the mayor should invite to his press conferences.

I disagree with this -- the candidate can do whatever idiotic thing he chooses outside of City Hall, but at City Hall the Mayor should not be excluding media. By the same token Rob Ford the person can avoid the Pride Parade, but Rob Ford the Mayor should either attend or delegate attendance. Instead he doesn't know any better than to make everything personal.
Doug's explanation why Rob didn't stand for WorldPride thank you:

TORONTO – Rob Ford’s decision not to participate in a standing ovation for World Pride organizers was apparently a choice based on principle.

Doug Ford gave the explanation Friday when pressed on the reason for perceived homophobic acts pertaining to the mayor, but stressed his brother is not homophobic.

“Rob’s a spendaphobic, not a homophobic. There are gay people on our campaign, Rob has helped endless amounts of people in the gay community,†he said. “[Some of our supporters] are scared of the media to come out and say, ‘I’m gay, I’m part of the gay community and Rob has helped us numerous times.’â€

Ford said his brother would have been criticized regardless of his decision.

“Rob Ford has decided not to go to the gay Pride parade and all of a sudden he’s going to get up and he’s going to be applauding the gay Pride parade?†he said. “So, you can’t speak out of both sides of your mouth. If you aren’t going to go to the gay Pride, like two thirds of council [who didn’t attend], I think it’s a little bit of hypocrisy if you decide to stand up.â€

While he hasn’t made any public acknowledgements on the impact of Pride week, the elder Ford brother said the mayor “thinks it is great.†He said they’re both aware of the positive economic impact and the boost in tourism. However, he said public support for the event could bring backlash.

“He’s a principled guy [and] if he does stand up, he will be criticized… by a lot of people,†he said. “He would be criticized for not being principled either way, if he stood or if he didn’t stand.â€

not quite as nonsensical as his redefinition of racism, but still pretty dumb.
Quick reality check--who's having a productive campaign event tonight? This--


Or this?



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However, he said public support for the event could bring backlash.

Yeah, "backlash" in the sense of whatever voting base RoFo has left will be cut by 3/4. Or something.
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