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Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

The Fords and the Elliott/Flaherty families use to be great chums. Maybe not so much now!

Today's exciting news..

"David, you know what Christine’s been saying?

That she wants to “audit” Kathleen Wynne?

It got me thinking.

Maybe we should audit what Christine got up to when Kathleen Wynne gave her a salary of $220,000 per year to be the Patient’s Ombudsman.

Here’s some quick facts:

Out of 1,984 complaints, they conducted only 2 investigations.

With Christine in charge they spent $2,447 every complaint.

Does that sound like good use of tax dollars?

I don’t think so.

You want to know how I’ll balance the budget?

By cleaning up messes like the ones Christine made.

That’s not value for tax dollars.

If you want a leader who will fight for the taxpayers, I’m your guy.

Kick in $1 to my campaign.

Make me the #1 choice on your ballot.

"You may have seen recently that Doug Ford attacked me for being patient ombudsman for Ontarians, and he lied about my position on carbon tax and sex education.

He did it for votes.

But here's the thing: Immediately after attacking me, Doug apologized.

He says he didn't believe what he said about me, and that his team made him do it."

I honestly had to laugh at this. There are no shortage of alpha male assholes dabbling in politics these days, but can you think of a single one, apart from the current US president, who would be less likely to let himself be bullied into doing anything he didn't want to do? Thug is such a bullshit artist.

Marion Barry is getting a statue. Now Doug will want one for his brother again.


He already got a statue. Time to move on.....
I'm not sure why, instead, he isn't questioning whether or not girls under 16 are fit to be mums. Ford Nation: where kids having kids (magically) leads to better outcomes for all.
He's doing way better than I imagined -- leading in the polls today. I thought most would dismiss his candidacy.
The abortion debate is strictly federal and was settled decades ago. I think he just wants to get support from the Sex-Ed lady on the ballot.
Not sure that bringing up Harris and Harper as one's idols is really going to appeal outside the base but ..

"David, when we stick to our principles, we win.

That’s what I learned from Mike Harris and Stephen Harper.

Mike Harris didn’t abandon his principles in order to get elected.

Stephen Harper didn’t need to raise his finger to see which way the wind was blowing on the carbon tax before deciding to oppose one.

And they won.

We need a leader who will stand on principle.

Not someone who flip flops on core issues like carbon tax and sex ed.

As leader, I will stand on principle and win.

Just like Mike Harris. Just like Stephen Harper.

I need your support.

I need your vote.


P.S. Help the campaign finish strong. Click here to donate $1 right now.

Ford for Leader · Canada "
The abortion debate is strictly federal and was settled decades ago. I think he just wants to get support from the Sex-Ed lady on the ballot.

That's not entirely true; there are lots of things that the province can do to make it easier or harder for women to seek safe abortions (the recently passed bubble zones being a good example of one of the former).