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Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

After complaining and getting off of the Ford mailing lists probably over a year ago, I suddenly started to receive their begging/spam again last night. Curious that his camping manager is Mike D. No, you're not getting my $4 and $1.
While I have been getting emails and phone calls from all of the other candidates, I have received absolutely nothing from Doug. I have filed complaints against him in the past.
You may have seen recently that Doug Ford attacked me for being patient ombudsman for Ontarians, and he lied about my position on carbon tax and sex education.

He did it for votes.

But here's the thing: Immediately after attacking me, Doug apologized.

He says he didn't believe what he said about me, and that his team made him do it.

But he did it anyway.

That's not leadership. If Doug can't stand up to his own team, how will he stand up for you?

I won't be pushed around like Doug Ford is by insiders. I'll stay true to myself — I'll fight for you.

Let's stop this petty bickering, and let's target the real opponent in this race — Kathleen Wynne!

And Doug, I accept your apology.


Christine Elliott
Why do

they both

write like this?

Because their target audience aren't bright enough for full sentences yet. Chopping them up into small bite-size pieces likes that gives them a break between working out the hard words.