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Post your pictures of Toronto here!

Here is a collection of photos of Ecuadorian musician Tribu playing traditional Andean flute music in Dundas Square just before 6 pm on July 19, 2023:


He is such an amazing performer!
I’m not sure when this was completed or the sequence of events but I doubt it was commissioned by the City’s tree cutting department. Other than the subject matter, it is imaginative, humorous, appropriate location (distance/lines/tree compilation) at a red light on University and Richmond. I like the art aspect of it or is this graffiti? Hopefully this is just a one of and not copied but I am guilty of promotion again.

It is temporary but with Toronto’s maintenance history and/or future plans for University Avenue it could be there for years

Hi there folks. I am a amateur photographer new to Toronto and enjoy urban landscapes, especially some that are a bit older, perhaps with derelict buildings, graffiti alleyways and similar locations.
I found this picture online and am trying to find out where could this place be, even approximately, it seems like a interesting neighborhood to research. If it does not fit in the topic I apologize. I will make sure to post some interesting photos once I go out with my camera.View attachment 487660

Found it! College and Spadina in an alleyway.


The three booms across Mimico Creek are an attempt to mitigate the damage from the chemical spill after the Etobicoke factory fire. There is a smaller boom preventing the sludge from getting into the pond near the bottom of the photo. Earler in the season there had been a swans’ nest in the reeds there. No signs of the swans now. In fact, we haven’t seen any swans at all since our recent return from a lengthy spell away.

News reports say a beaver and a mink were found dead. I don’t know if they were from upstream or the ones we would see from time to time in our walks in the park.
Not sure what projects these are (could find them but sleuthing the address seems like too much work right now) but the point really was the vantage point: top of Bisha Hotel on the outdoor pool's balcony beside the KOST restaurant.