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Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

Why not? He's outdoors.....


I still remember this as a kid... had lots of family there.
Going back to the original impetus for these pics, (i.e. overhanging signs), I'd be happy if the City just allowed door to curb canopies (their reasoning is based on issues of snow removal and liability):


And yet, here in T.O., they allow restaurant sidewalk patios to put down permanent footings and that pedestrian blocking nonsense by the vendors on Spadina Avenue.

These two scenes, so New York, so Fifth Avenue.
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Great work with this thread - unbelievable how much the city has changed. It's a shame we didn't try and preserve some of the finer examples of Canadian architecture.

Hi Jamziz, in these things as always, I'm sure someone or a group, somewhere, tried. :)
Tough 24 hours. thecharioteer does NYC; mattelderca and Browning Avenue do Hastings Avenue and I get to do a TTC loop. :)
Then and Now for Oct 6.

Then. '2910 Dundas Street W. 1954.' LOTS more interesting overhanging signs.


Now. June 2011. A wonderful neighbourhood, interesting shops along this stretch; well worth a visit and stroll. The CIBC bank has left this location... as far as I could determine, the old building has been turned into rental apartments.