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London Rapid Transit (In-Design)


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Feb 3, 2010
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Yes, there is the old London-Port Stanley Railway and it is in OK condition as it still used by the VERY occasional freight train and would be good for a commuter line but is only one track and more importantly doesn't come close to the Amazon plant.

I think if they work out a deal with London/STT/Elgin, it should be run by London Transit. It's a natural extension of the Wellington Gateway BRT. The corridor will have very good service and even every, for example, 3rd bus continuing past the White Oaks terminal onward to ST would still offer service of every half an hour all day. It also would have the benefit of serving the huge industrial/commercial employment area south of the 401 in London itself which London is planning to serve with a circular route anyway.

The route would serve Amazon and continue 2 km until downtown ST. They hopefully have full integration and LT receive a subsidy of some kind for offering the service. This plant will be running 24 hours a day and ST simply doesn't have the fleet, infrastructure, and money to run such a service 7 days a week all day and into late-night while London certainly does including those essential articulated buses. The new articulated BRT buses are also going to be electric.