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GO Transit Fleet Equipment and other

At 1.55 per liter, 206 km distance and let's say 7.0 L/100 KM fuel economy it costs about $22 to go from Oshawa to Niagara falls.
That's just gas. About 10¢ to 11¢ a kilometre.

Last time I did a proper calculation or my taxes was about 15 years ago, and even then it was about 25¢ a kilometre (for a similar approximately 100 km drive). Lots of car maintenance when you drive that much 2-3 times a week. And a lot of capital cost allowance too.
Is it possible to increase speed on the Uxbridge sub to make trip times shorter?
I would really hope so. In areas where there has been track sitting at various stages of readiness, seemingly for years, it definitely seems that it could support an increase from the existing 40mph or 50mph zone. Maybe someone here knows if increases are planned?
Has that actually been confirmed? Considering the fact that they're reactivating cab cars for the expanded service that haven't run as such in more than half a decade, this would be an astonishingly short sighted decision.

So I spoke to someone at Metrolinx and was told 15 of the series 2 cars are being restored to cab cars, along with 9 of the series 7 being restored.

Seems I was wrong and none are being "wasted"
I went nearby Willowbrook to try to see if it was visible, did not see it so it’s very likely inside the shops getting the final preparations done in order to allow it to lead trains.
I can't wait until it leads I hope it's ready soon! Also thanks for that update.