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GO Transit Fleet Equipment and other


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Apr 24, 2007
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Mississauga, where cars rule city growth
With the coming of new equipment this year and coming years including EMU's, time to create a thread for them.

March 12





Relevant to this thread, let me introduce GO's older BiLevels, nearly all of which are still in service today.



1978 photo, coach number 2056 on its side, still in service today -- I saw it recently.

This was displayed at the Ex on August 29th, 1978, and TransitToronto's page on this coach is quite interesting reading on the history of these coaches.

These coaches and cabs are still being made today, so it's possible some of the newer ones rolling off the assembly line could possibly last to the second half of this century. Either on one of the other North American commuter lines, or even locally on an unelectrified line (Richmond Hill, Niagara, etc) or pulled by electric locomotives.

One of the first non-prototype GO coach, #2001, is still in use today, running as part of another city's commuter train service, having been sold off during GO's cutbacks in the 90s.
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drives right up to the Taxpayers house, and sucks out all the money with the special arm that fits right in the mailbox slot of the door!

"Attention Taxpayers! Please keep all loose articles of clothing, hair, senior citizens, children and household pets away from your mailbox slots to facilitate the machine's collection of your hard earned money! We all remember what happened to Jimmy and Mr. Kibbles last week!"
The doors get changed out separately. I gather they mask the doorways before they spraypaint, don't want paint drifting through the cracks. Every car painted there since the first one has looked like that coming out of the paint bay.

- Paul
Every car I have seen there not only has the doors not paint, but notices on them not the hump the car. This car is no exception to the others than the bottom still has to be painted. Still have to add the car number on the sides and the roof is done.

Credit the photo when its not yours when using it in your posting.

Another 4-5 years for EMU equipment
To be fair, you'd already posted the same photo on the same page - without actually crediting yourself. I'm not sure how a newcomer would know who to credit it to.
Hmmm.... good point. (I made this newbie mistake once, and have a forum demerit point to show for it!)
I also post my own photos without always crediting myself. (I try to, in order to be clear.)

That's my favorite machine! Since it happens to also diverts a small portion of what it picks up off at my mail box. ;)
Semantically...that might be the paycheque for driving the various Metrolinx equipment like GO trains. ;)
New cab car sitting in Lambton Yard right now. Will update if it moves by tomorrow morning.
It's actually for snow and ice removal from switches that don't have heaters on them they can drive it to a location and use it to melt ice and snow. I think they alos have a hi rail version of it too.

They need this big of a machine to melt a bit of snow and ice?