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Farm Boy (1015 Lake Shore Blvd E., 1s, McRobie)

The parking lot entrance will be a disaster if it starts to get busy. They need to have traffic flow deeper into the lot before people can turn into a parking area.

This might be a change they will make as part of the site plan approval for the store. But, yes, I agree - assuming things remain the same.
Loblaws must be pissed.

Actually, probably not.

Its widely accepted in the industry that geographical concentrations of grocery stores are helpful as they increase total traffic pull.

In other words, more shoppers gravitate to an area w/3+ supermarkets in close proximity and this offsets any bleed between competitors.

Hence the big concentrations of supermarkets on Laird Drive and on Eglinton East between Victoria Park and just east of Warden.

Also, Farmboy doesn't sell any non-food products, ie. papertowels, laundry soap etc. So if that's where folks go for food, they will spillover for other items.


I noticed last week that there were signs up on the building for a job fair in early december - I suspect this will be opening soon.
Of course it is.

I am so naive as to think they would actually have a door facing the street, or that the City would insist they do so.

Well, they open today, so we find out. I hope that there is a enterance from the front, but stores these days just wanna design their stores around automobiles.
Considering the lack of people walking here I'm sure the stores would hate to have to guard a second entrance. Especially one barely used.

It's easy enough to design an entrance vestibule to be entrance only, and force exit via walking through and past a single set of centrally located cashiers.

Farm Boy, like most grocers, is configured to have a long corridor that you exit by, after having got through the cashier area.

Putting an exit at each end does not pose a serious obstacle or materially increase theft.

It does, however, consume square footage that would otherwise be selling space.

Here, to serve both the parking, and the road, you would run the internal corridor parallel to the driveway and put entrances at both ends.

Visually, it appears they have chosen not to do that here. Which is a shame.