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Farm Boy (1015 Lake Shore Blvd E., 1s, McRobie)

And of course, the main entrance is on the other side of the building away from Lake Shore. Bet you window wraps are on the menu.


I hope they don't wrap the windows . The few Farm Boys i have been in, don't have wraps, they have the eating area by the windows. I always sit by the window while my BF does the shopping.
We've been contacted by Turner Fliescher Architects to let us know that while they've submitted the plans for SPA purposes, that the design is by McRobie Architects + Interior Designers of Ottawa, Farm Boy's hometown. Thread title updated.

I don't know. I live just north of the Danforth, a few blocks west of Pape, and I don't find that centre inconvenient. It's my Canadian Tire of choice, for those times I do go to Canadian Tire. It's not that much of a walk from large swathes of Riverside and Leslieville, but then I am a walker so perhaps I am willing to walk further than a number of folks.

We don't live far apart but we tend to go to that old crowded Canadian Tire up near Eglinton more often because it just seems easier to get to, i.e. less traffic. Plus Home Depot, Staples and Home Sense are nearby as back-up. That said, maybe the CT on Leslie is more accessible now that (I assume) all that construction has ended. One observation: There used to be a time Carlaw and Eastern were dead zones That was back when we first moved into Riverdale in 1985. Now, especially at rush hour, yikes.
I'm not a huge fan of that Canadian Tire up at Laird and Eglinton. For years, it was skanky (although mercifully it has been renovated). But mostly I find it hard-ish to exit that centre. I never think of it. Usually, my back-up CT tends to be Yonge and Church, simply because I will stop by while doing errands west of Yonge, and it is easy to pop in before I get onto Rosedale Valley Road headed home.

I now what you mean, particularly about EasternCarlaw!! That stretch between Queen and Lake Shore can sure get backed up.
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Lake Shore is my favourite CT. Dundas and Bay is closest to me (I can walk), but I find it so cramped that I try to go to Lake Shore when possible. Never find the traffic that bad, at least on weekends when I tend to go. Eastern is usually empty on my way to Freshco.
Eastern can be pretty bad in rush hour - especially at Logan when the lanes converge heading east. Can't see it getting much better during the construction of 462 Eastern either
I know this isn't going to be popular here. The bike lanes were a bad idea on Eastern. They just added to congestion. Same with Woodbine. I'd never bike up that hill lanes or no lanes. There's much better alternatives for both.
Well they don't seem to be holding back.


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Good to see. The location is designed for the thousands of cars that drive eastbound on Lake Shore. The parking lot entrance will be a disaster if it starts to get busy. They need to have traffic flow deeper into the lot before people can turn into a parking area.
Looking forward to the opening. I find the store is a cross between Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Loblaws must be pissed.