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Dundas West/ Bloor Mobility Hub +interconnected hub network (Metrolinx)

Where DUNDAS WEST STATION is today, used to be the site of the St. Joan of Arc Church, at the southwest corner of Dundas Street W. and Edna Ave. The church was demolished in the early 1960s to make way for Dundas West Subway Station. It was then rebuilt at 1701 Bloor Street W., next to Indian Grove.

In May 2019 the St. Joan of Arc Parish celebrated its 100th anniversary.


From link.
Bloor Junction, and Main Street and Danforth can be renamed Danforth Junction.

And the Relief Line 2 Trillium Line can connect at each end via Dundas and Gerrard.
... Thoughts on a unified name if necessary? Bloor-Dundas West?
As I said in another thread last year, Roncesvalles might be a good name, particularly if it was decided to also rename (and presumably re-number to adjoin the existing Roncesvalles Ave) that north-south stretch of Dundas Street, which I think would make sense anyway. There's already other TTC subway stations using the names of Bloor and Dundas, and another intersection of Bloor and Dundas (Six Points area) that sometimes confuses people.
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South junction? Google maps already labels the area as "the junction triangle". Although the junction as I know it is at keeleand Dundas.
Hopefully they arent connecting the Crossways with the tunnel, and they are just ploughing right through it.

With how those property owners were consistently impeding progress on this for decades, they shouldnt be rewarded from the benefits of it.
Only took 35 years. What's the rush eh?

LOL, I was just glancing back at Post #1 in the thread to see how long this iteration of the idea had been ongoing.

Mx first released renders teasing this project in March 2011; so 10 years.

Assuming they start construction next year, as suggested, and complete within 1 year (ambitious, aren't I?), it will have taken them 12 years from render to opening.