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Condominium issues


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May 18, 2010
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I always look at other units on the same floor. I like to be on the floor that have the least number of units (less neighbours, less problems), and a floor that has the fewest tiny 1-bedrooms and studio units as they are often bought by investors and turned into rentals or Airbnbs which suffers from higher turnover and a lack of pride of ownership.
I would never get a unit next to or close to the elevator or garbage chute, the furthest away from the elevator the better as you are away from a high traffic and noise area and it provides more peace and privacy.
Also doors facing down a hallway is not good for a number of issues. It is bad Feng Shui, noise channels straight down the hallway as well as smoke and odours as they get pushed down to these dead ends. And I don't want the interior of my unit in full view every time I open my door.