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  • Hi, I am currently a student at the RED Academy downtown Toronto. We are working on a project focusing on the shopping experience at Kensington Market and would love to post it on your forum. Any data collected will be used strictly for a school project. I've added the link at the bottom of this chat.

    Hello again, I forgot to check back to see if I rec'd an answer from you. I would love to see the photos your dad took of the grocery store. I remember going there with my brother Dennis to buy groceries for our family. Our family name was Lew at the time. So it would have been Michael who went to your dad for dentistry work. It would have been your dad that gave the contact print to my brother Michael to give to me. He had taken a photo of my brother Dennis and I when standing on Dundas street. I was about 6 yrs old back then.
    Yes! Small world.. He was my dad and my dentist. I have also been combing through the thousands of photos and movies that he shot many of the grocery store and the neighborhood. What is your brother's name? thanks for reaching out.
    Hello...are you related to the Ackerman family that ran a grocery store on Dundas St. between Bay and Elizabeth Sts? brother, Michael, used to go to an Ackerman dentist downtown and told me he was related to the Ackermans that ran the grocery store.
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