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Revised Phase one of Wynford Green Reviewed by Toronto's DRP

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    45 Railroad St (Dominion Skate, Brampton Downtown, Preston, 25 + 19s, G+C)

    Work has started on the dig down behind the offices and Mill Street facade.
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    TTC CLRV Streetcars: Where will they go once they are retired?

    Reminds me of the photos of Wychwood Barns in the 1980s and early 1990s, when its last TTC function was storing dead PCCs and trolley buses.
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    Fairview Mall - Revitalization + New Development (Cadillac Fairview, ?s, ?)

    I walked through it. It's a lot better than having to walk outside around the old Sears store. Fairview is a pretty good mall - a bit higher end than STC, and in a good spot for the kind of infill development CF is looking at.
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    VIA Rail

    The combination of the few industrial customers and the track payments VIA pays is probably enough for CN to continue to maintain the balance of the Chatham Sub between Chatham and Komoka. There are large grain terminals in Blenheim (on a remnant of the Caso) and Thamesville, and two or three...
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    VIA Rail

    The restoration of Michigan Central is underway, with Ford moving in. After MCS officially closed and before the Amtrak station opened in New Center, there was a temporary building next to MCS. A new station building is probably required - I could see Ford okay with a train platform for the...
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Brampton's Zum shelters have heaters as well. It's only somewhat effective. Since the heater is in the shelter ceiling, the air doesn't get that warm. Some GO shelters at stations and carpool lots are equipped as well.
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    TTC CLRV Streetcars: Where will they go once they are retired?

    Wait, what!? The TTC's streetcar/subway gauge is really not important. Trucks can be re-gauged (this is how the TTC was able to buy used streetcars from five US cities, as well as sell PCCs to Philadelphia and San Francisco to deal with emergency shortages in both cities). Toronto's challenges...
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    Toronto | On The GO Mimico Condos | 75m | 27s | Stanton Renaissance | McCallum Sather

    Interesting that they show the Blue Goose Tavern in the background - which itself may disappear for new development. (The wings are very good there.) The south/east side access to the station is badly needed. And only the afternoon rush hour local trains go to Oakville - morning, midday...
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    Brampton Transit/Zum

    Proposed service improvements are up: http://www.brampton.ca/EN/residents/transit/service-alerts/Documents/BramptonTransit_PICBoards_Feb2019_Web.pdf Nothing groundbreaking in terms of major new routes, but there are a number of changes. Route 4 Chinguacousy is seeing major ridership growth...
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    VIA Rail

    Montreal was unique in Canada as it used to have many rail terminals built operated by three different companies - the Grand Trunk had the Bonaventure Station (which burned down after most trains moved to Central) for most trains, and Moreau Street Station for northbound trains, CP had Windsor...
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    Hurontario LRT | Metrolinx

    Open track has its advantages - it's easier to keep traffic off of it and it looks more "rapid transity" - but isn't as nice looking, and it prevents legitimate use by vehicles such as fire/police/ambulance from using it. It also makes it more difficult to cross on foot - not that it should be...
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    Hurontario LRT | Metrolinx

    Good question - it looks like the bridge will be moved to the mobility hub study, rather than become part of the LRT itself. Perhaps it would be part of development of the GO property (especially once the parking garage opens) or adjacent lands, such as the Fabricland plaza on the east side of...
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    TTC CLRV Streetcars: Where will they go once they are retired?

    One thing I don't like about the new streetcars is just how loud they are - at every stop, the loud announcement to look right and watch for passing vehicles, the loud, high-pitched beeps when the doors close. The CLRVs still in service are just so much quieter, and smoother-riding. The new...
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    Point Edward/Sarnia

    I'm always somewhat covert when photographing inside malls. It's easier to do with a smartphone, especially if you're pretending to scroll through. There was a security guard wandering around, so I waited until he was away before taking the photo. Some malls are totally okay with...
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    Point Edward/Sarnia

    Sarnia has a really great nearly-abandoned downtown mall, though last I heard, it is going to be developed as a seniors' home. The old Sarnia General Hospital is probably gone now, but it was an epic ruin a few years ago.