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Underground Taking Shape at Dundas & Aukland Rental Tower

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    Toronto | CG Tower | ?m | 60s | Cortel Group | Quadrangle

    What a terrible layout. My first apartment (a condo) was 545 square feet but had a lot more usable space than that. Right angles for the win.
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    2018 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    Ask, and you shall receive… https://seanmarshall.ca/2018/11/11/mapping-the-council-race-in-ward-25-scarborough-rouge-park/ Unfortunately the voter statistics aren’t out yet, which includes voter turnout by ward and by poll.
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    Jarvis and Dundas

    When I pass by Sky Stars in the evening, I get the feeling that's its trying to be a cleaned up version of Mounties - still a place for the long-time locals to meet up and have a beer, but in a less grungy atmosphere and a bit more food-focused. I miss the old Mutual Street Deli, so I'll try...
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    Pickering Airport (Transport Canada/GTAA, Proposed)

    Please, there are enough things named for Bill Davis - a public school,a college campus, and a courthouse in Brampton, as well as a waterfront park at Ontario Place. His more recent legacy has been to oppose LRT in Brampton and support Patrick Brown's bid for mayor there.
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    Ridiculous comments and claims made by City Councillors

    She's still a councillor for a few more weeks, so yes, this is fair game.
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    Toronto Municipal Election 2018: Mayor’s Race

    With the poll-by-poll results available and the electoral geographies live, I mapped the poll-by-poll results for mayor. If we were still using the 44 wards, Keesmaat would have won three - Wards 14, 18, and 19, even though Tory came first in all of the new 25 wards. Those are the same wards...
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    Toronto | Social at Church + Dundas | 165m | 52s | Pemberton | RAW Design

    Demolition updates from today, November 6.
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    Ontario Northland and the End of the Northlander

    The Northlander can't go via Barrie, as the Newmarket Sub north of Allandale was abandoned and torn up. CN didn't want to maintain the swing bridge near Orillia and it was cheaper to maintain only one northern line. Through Barrie, the ROW is mostly gone as that city has been redoing its...
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    Toronto Zoo Developments

    Very good questions! There was once a proposed Highway 48 bypass (sometimes known as Highway 448), but that was planned for an alignment further west. Traces of it can be seen in Malvern and Morningside Heights; it would have intersected the 401 at an interchange near Conlins Road, and continue...
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    Toronto Zoo Developments

    My spouse and I have been to the zoo a few times - both during mild winter days in January/February, which is actually a really great time to go. There were no large crowds for the pandas when they were there; and while some animals weren't in their outdoor exhibits, others, like the lions...
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    2018 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    A move to Brampton after disgrace and defeat worked for Patrick Brown.
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    2018 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    That's exactly what happened. Also, Shan lost a bit of his old ward on the west, north of Highway 401. That too. No wonder McKelvie didn't put her name in as an appointee. She was in it to win it. The city has been slow releasing the shapefiles for the poll locations and subdivisions. That's...
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    2018 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    Indeed. Let's see who his picks are for the real deputy mayor, the ceremonial deputy mayors (if any this time) and the executive committee. Bradford and Bailão are likely picks for Tory's inner circle. Let's see who else gets in.
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    2018 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    No. I'd consider Ainslie and Bailão swing votes, rather than being on Council's right. They both voted against the mayor on some issues, and I think help to moderate council. I strongly suspect Mike Colle to be a swing vote. I would agree that Bradford and McKelvie are unknowns, but I expect...
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    Toronto | Social at Church + Dundas | 165m | 52s | Pemberton | RAW Design

    Demolition is well underway – taken Monday afternoon.