In amongst all the cranes that are stretching Toronto's skylines higher and wider these days, there's a lot gong on at ground level in this city too, including construction of the longest from-scratch rapid transit line that has ever been built here. We've mostly paid attention to the underground section of The Crosstown LRT—from Mount Dennis and Black Creek on the west side to Brentcliffe on the east—and to the various station sites along the way, but now UrbanToronto Forum contributor TheTigerMaster has driven the eastern surface portion of the line along Eglinton Avenue, driving west from Midland Avenue to the portal at Brentcliffe, and posted the Dash Cam footage on Streamable. We thought you might be interested in getting a look at the early progress on this portion of the line.

The footage shows, especially at the eastern end of the route, that construction is just starting, with the old concrete median now removed from the middle of Eglinton Avenue, and work underway curbside at some points to realign Eglinton within the right-of-way to make space for the transit line. Work has also started where bridges must be widened, and then at Don Mills Road where the line pops underground, much more has been done.

Things are happening underground further west, in the meantime, and to see some of those highlights, you'll want to follow the Crosstown LRT twitter account. They recently posted this impressive image of work at the rather deep Keelesdale Station, being built with the cut-and-cover method below a temporary traffic deck on Eglinton at Keele:

Work at Keelesdale Station, image via at Keelesdale Station, image via

If you want to know more about the Crosstown LRT, there's plenty of conversation going on in our dedicated thread for the line as a whole, while we also have several database files providing a look at what you can expect at stations along the route; they are linked below.