Tridel and Beaux Properties' 101 Erskine Condos has reached a major milestone, as it has recently reached full height at 32 storeys. Completion of the mechanical penthouse and the final several levels have taken place since our last update earlier this year. Cladding and glazing has also been completed on several storeys in the past few months, with the project aiming for a completion next Spring. In the weeks since our last update, the CS&P Architects-designed tower has also begun balcony glazing installation as it nears the halfway point.

101 Erskine Condos, Tridel, Beaux Properties, CS&P Architects, TorontoProgress at 101 Erskine, image by Jack Landau

As the project has reached full height, its stepped-back form is now fully visible, and as cladding progresses, the contrast in black and white cladding and window tinting will emphasize the step back for the upper storeys. 

101 Erskine Condos, Tridel, Beaux Properties, CS&P Architects, TorontoDetail of the Upper Level Truss Structure, seen over an older building, image by Marcus Mitanis

While the crane is still in place for future work on the unfinished levels, we can expect to see this project progress quickly over the next few months as interior work begins and exterior work wraps up. The upper level truss has been completed for the past several weeks now and is currently surrounded by shoring poles and forms as the adjacent levels await cladding.

101 Erskine Condos, Tridel, Beaux Properties, CS&P Architects, TorontoContrasting Cladding Progrresses at 101 Erskine, image by Forum contributor Generation Lee

At the same time, this newest addition to the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood has also been progressing at ground level, where the townhome component has also made significant progress. As seen from Tridel's live construction camera stream, "The Lanes at 101 Erskine"—the townhomes sitting at the base of the tower—are nearing completion. The townhomes have progressed since our last update where the concrete structure of the homes sat empty, awaiting the wooden framing. Now their first and second storeys have mostly been completed and they continue to grow. 

101 Erskine Condos, Tridel, Beaux Properties, CS&P Architects, TorontoProgress on "The Lanes at 101 Erskine", image courtesy of Tridel Live Construction Camera

As this project progresses we will keep you updated on any major milestones, especially as the townhomes and cladding are set for completion in the coming months. In the meantime, additional information and renderings can be found in our 101 Erskine database file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.