Toronto's skyline has undergone some substantial changes in over the past several years, though sometimes all it takes is a two year gap for a view to be radically transformed. In 2014, the offices of WZMH Architects on the 15th floor of 95 St. Clair Avenue West overlooked a changing cityscape. Views from the 1967-built office building revealed some dramatic changes underway, with countless cranes dotting the skyline. At the far left of the image below, we can see the crane for CHAZ Yorkville Condos. The next crane over to the right was that of The Yorkville Condominiums, with the crane of FIVE Condos peeking out to the right of The Yorkville. At the centre of the image, the two cranes of U Condominiums' towers can be seen. Right of centre, just above the tree line, the red and white-painted tower crane for 181 Davenport can be seen next to the topped-off 133 Hazelton.

Throwback Thursday, skyline, TorontoToronto skyline viewed from a St. Clair West office building, August 2014, image by Marcus Mitanis

Fast forward just under two years, and the skyline of 2016 has been transformed with the addition of several new structures. CHAZ, The Yorkville, FIVE, U Condominiums, and 181 Davenport have all topped-off, with each of the developments now in different stages of occupancy. Several new additions have since joined the view. At the far left, Casa II can be seen topped off at a height of 56 storeys. To its right, the view is now dominated by the topped-off One Bloor East. In the Financial District, the crystalline roofline of the EY Tower is visible to the right of First Canadian Place. Close to the right edge of the photo, cranes can be seen marking the sites of The Cumberland at Yorkville Plaza and The Residences of 488 University Avenue.

Throwback Thursday, skyline, TorontoToronto skyline viewed from a St. Clair West office building, June 2016, image by Marcus Mitanis

We will return next week with another look at the changing face of Toronto!

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