The site of Mizrahi Developments’ landmark supertall tower, The One, has seen a cyclone of activity now that the construction crew has several months of experience working with the Automated Climbing System (ACS). New floors are being completed on a regular basis, and at the corner of Yonge and Bloor, the verticality of the building is making itself evermore known, despite standing a mere 20% (roughly) of its approved height. Designed by Foster + Partners, The One has been a steady source of engagement across our forum, database, and front page, and the building’s interest levels have only gone up as Mizrahi pursues approval to revise the approved height of 85 storeys to an updated height of 94 storeys. 

Looking east at construction site of The One from above, image by UT Forum contributor Benito

As our readers are aware, much of our coverage of The One is focused on the progress of the building as it is visible from the outside; aside from the photos that are shared by a few Forum contributors with well positioned views, we are generally limited to interpreting things from the ground. Today, however, we have the rare opportunity to take our coverage to the sky, with the help of a drone video, shared with UrbanToronto directly from Mizrahi Developments.

In the video, linked below, the drone descends from a height of 338m (the height of the building’s tallest point, should the application for height increase go through) all the way down to the top floor of the ACS - and then continues lower into the tower. Flying through a narrow gap in the ACS, the drone takes us down through the workings into the building’s core. 

To aid our analysis of the footage, Mizrahi Developments have shared a description that outlines some of what we are seeing in this detailed footage.

00:00 to 00:11

Top-down view of the ACS +1 floor including the following:  

  • Concrete Pump – red boom on the south-east side of the +1 floor.
  • Stinger Crane – white boom on the north-west side of the +1 floor.

Top-down view of the ACS +0 floor outside the main box including the following:

  • ACS Wind Protection Screens/Formwork – blue screens around the perimeter of the floor plate that include the mega-column formwork/screens, interior corner screens and loading platforms. 

Outside the ACS but visible:

  • Tower crane to the south of the main tower. 

Screenshot from above video, shows top level of ACS

00:11 to 00:16

Top-down view of the ACS +0 floor inside the main box including the following:

  • Access stairs located on the west side of the access opening. Note that access opening is used to bring material down to the trailing lobby slab (eg: rebar).   

Screenshot from above video, shows inside first level of ACS

00:16 to 00:21

Top-down view of the ACS -1 floor inside the main box including the following:

  • Access stairs located on the west side of the access opening shown going down to the -1 floor.
  • Gantry beam (yellow steel beams) below the -1 floor. Gantry beam is used to facilitate construction of the lobby slabs and elevator walls by moving material such as formwork and rebar. 

Screenshot from above video, shows -1 Level of ACS

00:21 to 00:30

Top-down view of the trailing lobby construction including the following:

  • Lobby slab formwork with rebar being placed to tie the slab into the previously poured slab.   
  • Elevator wall formwork.

Screenshot from above video, shows lobby slab

Repeat in Reverse

With forming work advancing consistently with the help of the ACS, the crew is now entering new territory, with the construction of the first mechanical levels. But beyond the progress the building is making in its vertical journey, other areas of the project have seen notable progress as well. To provide a more complete update on what else has been happening across the board with the construction of The One, we will be taking a closer look in a follow up story coming soon. 

UrbanToronto will continue to follow progress on this development, but in the meantime, you can learn more about it from our Database file, linked below. If you'd like, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

* * *

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