Last month, architecture and urban design firm Smart Density kicked off How We Built This Toronto, a new webinar series. Four episodes have been realized so far, featuring voices from development, design, and cultural firms and organizations. A fifth live episode airing tomorrow will feature UrbanToronto co-publisher Edward Skira, speaking on the history of UrbanToronto and its evolving coverage of a changing city.

Going live at 11 AM on Tuesday, the episode will cover the company's roots in music journalism and publishing, and then pivoting to tap into what was then a burgeoning development boom, and the years of city-building news coverage since. Founded in 2002 as a discussion forum, has since grown from a passion for urban development into the leading real estate and development news website in Canada. 18 years later, UrbanToronto nets about 2 million page views and more than 200,000 unique visitors per month. The discussion forum where it all started is now home to more than 30,000 registered members. 

"We've built a strong community of people interested in Toronto's built form and urban development," said Edward Skira, "taking a hobby and building it into a site that has become an integral part of the growth of Toronto."

Learn more about UrbanToronto's history by watching live at 11 AM on Tuesday, July 7th. Registration is free at this link.

UrbanToronto co-publisher Edward Skira

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