It has been just over a year since we last checked in on Lakeview Village in Mississauga, one of the larger master-planned developments in the Greater Toronto Area. Proposed by Lakeview Community Partners, a consortium of developers that includes TACC ConstructionGreenpark GroupCCI DevelopmentBranthaven Homes, and Argo Developments, with a design by Boston-based Sasaki Associates acting as lead architects, Lakeview Village will bring residential, retail, office, hotel, cultural spaces, and schools to the site.

Lakeview Village aims to create a legitimate city neighbourhood out of 'nothing'. The original master plan was approved by Mississauga City Council in July, 2018, after which tweaks and changes to the plan have come about, and site preparation has begun.

Conceptual rendering of the waterfront promenade at Lakeview Village, image courtesy of Lakeview Community Partners

The development is coming to the site of the former Lakeview Generating Station, known to some as the ‘Four Sisters’ coal power plant, decommissioned in 2005 as Ontario Governmental policy pushed for greener energy production. As such, site remediation has been necessary to prepare the brownfield site. Excavation of the footings and substructure of the former power station has taken place over the last year, working towards levelling the site for eventual construction. The video below by UrbanToronto Forum contributor Jasonzed, shows an aerial of the current work being done on the 177-acre site.

The project also includes the creation of the Jim Tovey Conservation area to the southeast of the main Lakeview Village area along its frontage on Lake Ontario, a public sector revitalization where construction has been underway since November 2016. A recent video by the Credit Valley Conservation Authority captures their work in shaping the land.

Latest updates to the master plan include the addition of Ogden Park, a central-park style area that sees greenspace stretching from Lakeshore Road all the way down to the waterfront. The park is intended to include countless outdoor programming facilities such as children's playgrounds, a community outdoor dining room, off-leash dog runs, a sculpture park, an urban stage, event pavilion, skateboarding facilities, a bouldering park, and more. This public space, along with many of the other community-oriented components, will be conveyed to the City of Mississauga, who will directly execute the parks and recreation programming here.

Rendering of Ogden Green central park, image courtesy of Lakeview Community Partners

The scale of the project has expanded significantly since October, 2018, with some of the statistics below, like total long-term jobs, square feet available for employment, and square feet available for retail increasing by roughly 50%. The Serson Innovation Corridor, an office and institutional component on the east side of the property, retail spaces within the Lakeview Square district, and educational spaces for on-site schools will provide the majority of the post-construction jobs. 

New project statistics, image courtesy of Lakeview Community Partners

Further detailing the mix of uses below, the master plan indicates a mid-rise heavy massing direction, with 84% of the project's GFA under an 8-storey height. 

Keyed to the colour code denoted in the legend above, the image below outlines in further detail where density and height will be centred within Lakeview Village. 

Site plan for Lakeview Village, with intended building heights included, image courtesy of Lakeview Community Partners

Plans have not yet been released for any particular building of the multi-decade project heading towards the building permit stage. 

You can learn more about Lakeview Village by reading the 150+ page masterplan here, or by visiting the associated database file, linked below. If you'd like to, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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