With the constant debate on public space and how it should be used, this week's 'Explainer' looks into Tactical Urbanism, a planning term that refers to how both the community and government could contribute to the influence of future social and visual improvements of public spaces. 

Toronto's Open Streets festival celebrates pedestrians and cyclists, image by Marcus Mitanis

Our sister site Skyrisecities.com, provides an in-depth overview:  

Similar in concept and purpose to urban acupuncture, a planning term which we described in a previous edition of Explainer, 'tactical urbanism' aims to visually and socially improve neighbourhoods and gathering places through the implementation of inexpensive and temporary changes to the built environment. Also known as guerrilla urbanism, pop-up urbanism, and D.I.Y. urbanism, these deliberate physical interventions have the power to transform perceptions and reveal the potential of public spaces.

You can find the rest of the story on our sister site, Skyrisecities.com.