As construction continues at City Core and Fortress RDI's Harmony Village Sheppard, we take a closer look at the health and wellness program specifically designed for Toronto's innovative active senior living community. While the development will feature a wide range of amenities and green features—profiled in our earlier stories—Harmony Village's partnership with St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre (SPLC) will be particularly vital in ensuring a consistently high standard of wellness for residents.

A rendering of the Phase I towers, image courtesy of City Core / Fortress

The Scarborough-based not-for-profit organization provides community services for a diverse range of older adults across the city. With decades of experience in providing health and wellness services, SPLC will offer a range of complimentary and paid classes to residents, aimed at a variety of skill sets, interests, and ability levels. 

Like the other amenities at Harmony Village Sheppard, the partnership with SPLC is designed to ensure healthy, active ageing for the community's residents. At the base of Harmony Village's two 30-storey Page + Steele / IBI Group towers, a 35,000 amenity area will include an aquatic centre, a variety of dining venues, an entertainment room, library, and a beauty salon.

A dining room at Harmony Village Sheppard, image courtesy of City Core / Fortress

These spaces will host year-round programmed events including art classes, cooking demonstrations, gardening and swimming. In addition to the interior amenities, the community—which includes townhouses and a mid-rise condo in later phases—will feature landscaping and numerous outdoor spaces, appointed by NAK Design Group.

The community master plan, image courtesy of City Core / Fortress

In particular, a zen garden will offer a unique, tranquil space for relaxation and reflection, while an outdoor terrace complete with barbecues and comfortable seating will provide a communal environment for entertaining and warm-weather fun.

Part of the outdoor zen garden, image courtesy of City Core / Fortress

Nestled atop the podium between the two towers, much of the outdoor amenity area will be pleasantly shielded from the bustle of the street below, making for a private and calming retreat. 

Outdoor terrace, image courtesy of City Core / Fortress

Beyond the extensive amenities, the development will include features such as lowered light switches, raised electrical outlets, and easy-access shower entrances, all meant to maintain the long-term independence and mobility of residents. The development will also offer services residents may need in the future, including on-site home healthcare and full meal plans. 

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