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Yonge Street Revitalization (Downtown Yonge BIA/City of Toronto)

I think the goal is to coordinate, but (and I might be wrong) I don't think any major sewer rehabilitation projects on Yonge are scheduled for 2016.
Originally they were planned for 2016, but I imagine they got delayed. Sewage work dates get moved around all the time, and unfortunately are far from public. Toronto rarely publishes its major capital work projects, unlike other municipalities which have dates, prices, etc. for most things on their website.

Media Advisory: Councillor Wong-Tam to announce the launch of Yonge Street Environmental Assessment

July 12, 2016

Councillor Wong-Tam will be joined by Mark Garner, Executive Director of the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area, Dr. Mohamed Lachemi, President of Ryerson University, and Gary Switzer, CEO of MOD Developments, to announce the launch of the Yonge Street Environment Assessment.

Beginning with the Yonge Street Planning Framework in 2011 and carrying through to Celebrate Yonge in 2012 and the Yonge Love Campaign, the future of Yonge Street has generated much thought, conversation, and excitement. Councillor Wong-Tam is delighted to announce the next big step in shaping the future design and experience of Yonge Street.

Date: Thursday, July 14 2016

Time: 12:30pm

Location: 341 Yonge Street, Ryerson Student Learning Centre (Front of Building)
Looking forward to seeing the v/c ratios comparing peds to cars (although they may already exist somewhere).
^ that is almost certainly going to be what happens. This actually seems to have general support from council as far as I can tell - I think a lot of them realize something needs to change on Yonge - just like on King.
This is great news and long overdue. The sidewalks will no doubt still be crowded, but it will be a major improvement.
I believe the local BIA also supported the idea a while back since most of their goods are sold to pedestrians.
Is it even remotely possible to bring back architectural gems from the dead?
I've seen this happen in Asian cities where buildings of greater scale and magnitude were resurrected, but I can't recall of any restoration projects
that resuscitated demolished buildings, in North America.

This needs to be brought back. Whoever decided to demolish this was clearly not in their right minds.


demolished for this??

Is there a chance that it may happen through future development?
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Is there a chance that it may happen through future development?

No - considering any redevelopment of the site will likely be even taller. No one in the right mind would recreate from scratch the old Board of Trade building just for the sake of it when there is nothing extant left, and besides what's the point? It's not a building that really exist in anyone's psyche and be symbolic enough to be worth it (it isn't old Warsaw, the Berliner Stadtschloss or Moscow's Christ the Saviour).

It would be an interesting topic for a separate thread. Putting aside economic realities, which demolished building in Toronto would you most like to see rebuilt?

I don't think the old TTC/Board of Trade building was demolished for (what I still think of as) the EDS building. Even more sadly, I believe it was demolished for surface parking, IIRC.