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TTC: Flexity Streetcars Testing & Delivery (Bombardier)

The only way 4449 can be here now. it miss been seen ppl who have first hand knowledge and access to the yards. 4449 is not here yet.

We see TTC having 57 to 65 here by the end of the year and let sit back and watch the show while eating popcorn to see what the real number will be. Going to be fun, considering it was supposed to be 70 beginning of the year.

Should we start talking about 2018 numbers now???

Based on the current rate, I predict that next year we'll see between 30 and 40 new cars, probably between 35 and 38.
To complete the order by 2019, Thunder Bay needs to pump out about 70 cars a year to meet the current order. That number will change based on what got ship by the end of the year.

It has taken BBD about 5 years to delivery 49 cars that includes 4401 so far.
When well we see 4447 in service on Friday, as its ready to enter service??

4448 is currently up on 506 testing the announcement system as an in service car. It could enter service come Sunday or Monday.

No word on 4449 yet and will it get ship this weekend?? It only has 7 more days for shipping to make it an Oct delivery car, as well 4450-4455.
As I type this, 4448 is southbound on 510 and it looks like it will enter service Sunday at this time.

4447 will be entering service Friday am peak, as it is at or near the front of the line of cars ready for service on the west side.

Update: 4447 in service at 5:12 heading westbound on King St E @ Bay St. 5:17 on Route 510 Northbound. 4448 still on Spadina southbound at Front
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Are we really digging up that old joke again?
How about the Ghost of Christmas Past?

I was expecting 4448 to enter service on Monday since it went out Friday for another night of testing and was ready for service from the look of things.

The cars spend about 2 days in the service bay before entering service and that would have it moved from the Sunday to the Monday, with this extra testing.

Since then, the car GPS has been all over the place from out in Lake Ontario to Barrie and other places. No idea what the issue is for this wrong locations as well not showing up at all, but keep the car out of service.

It currently inside and don't expect to see it in service for AM service on Wed. and could see service later that day.

If 4449 got pickup on Sat, it should be at Hillcrest Friday or Monday, leaving BBD 6 cars short for this month. Are we going to see a train load of cars in Nov??

Both 4446 & 4447 took 9 days to get into service while 4448 is currently at 14 days. 4445 took 16 days and 4444 took 23 days.
Well 4448 has finally made it way out of the service bays where it has been the past 5 day to the yard and set to go into service on Thursday. No idea what route or when it will leave the yard, but 510 has been the main one or cars entering service on.

Anyone heard or see 4449 yet???