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TTC: Easier Access Phase III

^I'm suprised there was no announcement at all.

Maybe my prediction was considered good enough. LOL (From Dec 19th, 2020)

Offhand, I think these were the stations to become accessible this year:

Royal York

Several more are due next year:

Bay * (Bay might actually finish this month)
Making the 2nd exit full-accessible (escalators and/or elevators) is another story.

Here's Line 5's Caledonia's secondary entrance. No escalator. No elevator.

From link.
Those stairs remind me of Covent Garden.
TTC is only required to do the bare minimum of AODA, not what's convenient to customers.

Yes but accessing lower bay was for their benefit not for customers.

Currently it's only accesible by stairs with the platform being used for storage. You know how many times I've seen workers with dollies head down there?

It's not about AODA it's about making life easier for the TTC and it's workers.
I don't think the TTC would want a publicly accessible elevator that can access an area not open to the public.

Yes but you can lock out certain floors. GO transit does it with one of the elevators in the trainshed that accesses the roof. They also do it with one at track 27 which accesses the basement
I'm surprised. You would think they would have made it go to Lower Bay to assist with deliveries and other TTC workers duties.

Put load on a work train, move train to upper bay (or any station near the destination), unload train. They don't move things around much during the day.
.. Spadina's easier access page has now been completely been removed from the Easier Access Page itself. Maybe TTC is reworking the plans?