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Trump Tower (Chicago)

What do you mean? They're a buncha horn-rock geezers in their 60s doing the casino circuit; I can't see how you can take a *good* picture of them...

They probably look no worse than these guys now:
It's hard to take a bad picture of Chicago. :eek:

So true, Chicago is a beautiful city and I like this Trump addition very much. I'm especially impressed by it's proximity to the river
The first photo is mine. Trump Tower is on the right.


The next couple aren't mine, but I wish they were. The pictures were posted two weeks ago but haven't made it here yet until now.

Posted by ambient at SSP:



Posted by spartic8t at Flickr:

Thanks again SW, and thanks also for placing those other photos into your post with those spectacular sight lines. This building is moving on up at a rapid pace, and making its mark.
A Giant looms as Halloween approaches …

(SSP / Photos by harryc 2007/10/19)

(SSP / Photos by wrabbit 2007/10/22)

I miss Chicago so much, it's such a gorgeous city. Alas I lost all my trip photos when my hard drive went. Trump Chicago is lookin' good too.
At this rate it will be finished by Xmas. (Only half-kidding.) I cannot believe how rapidly it goes along each week, Maybe this crew should be hired for every supertall for which they are available.