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Trump Tower (Chicago)

A few more pictures from the Trump thread over at SSC.





I am Hydrogen (any relation to our own?)


Yes, thank you. Great pics.

Thanks for all the Chicago updates SolarWind.

Chicago really is a vast city to walk around in. Their Navy Pier is our Harboerfront and Ontario Place rolled into one and more accessible too. They have their Shedd acquarium, one of the works great acquariums.

They even have a subway that takes you to their airport. :)

What is that thing? Looks like a deflated hot air balloon or a torn parachute.... either way, it doesn't look good for anybody travelling in it.

Trump is looking stunning. I hate you Chicago! I hate you! lol
It looks like it is the cable and hook hanging down from the crane above the clouds (if you are referring to that black speck in the middle of the photo)
The Donald settles lawsuits

Trump settles condo lawsuits

Published: April 12, 2008 at 1:49 PM

CHICAGO, April 12 (UPI) -- Real estate mogul Donald Trump says he has settled a lawsuit over an early condominium purchase at his 92-story tower under construction in Chicago.

As part of his "friends and family" program, Trump let some insiders buy units at the Trump International Hotel & Tower at below-market prices

Trump sometimes charged about $500 a square foot for units that would sell closer to $1,000 a square foot. However, after the housing market began to sour last year, Trump told the special buyers they would have to pay a higher price or the sales would be canceled.

Judi Diamond-Falk, an architect who designed a sales office for the building, purchased a two-bedroom condominium on the 46th floor with her husband Nathan, an attorney.

The couple sued Trump, as did about two dozen others, when he raised the price. Their lawsuit was settled Monday, the Chicago Tribune reported Saturday.

"We're pleased with the settlement and glad the case is over," said Nathan Diamond-Falk. "I can say that it's an exquisite building -- understated elegance -- although I don't know if we'll ever move in."

Trump was quoted by the newspaper as saying, "We've settled many of these cases. I believe there were 25."

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