Toronto Yonge & Rich Condominiums | 156.35m | 46s | Great Gulf | a—A

It's here: Looks like a Wallman.

Looks to be around 40 floors based on comparable properties nearby in that rendering. But thats just a guess. Seems appropriate height anyway.
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Spire is 45 storeys, and this building being closer to Yonge st, should be at least equally tall.
Pantage on Victoria just a bit north on Shuter is 45s also.

So it this one tower or two? the photo shows one, but what about the lot at Victoria/Richmond?
If only one at Lombard is built, I don't know why the name is Yonge/Richmond. It is more like Lombard/Church.
Marketers don't think about things so literally, they think about them laterally. Both Yonge and Richmond streets are well known and are easily close enough that a resident could believably tell someone "I live down near Yonge and Richmond" when asked. Besides, the marketing slogan is Yonge + Rich, which converts to Young and Rich and sounds pretty positive: it's aspirational.

In terms of one tower or two, how high, and by whom, we don't know yet. Give it a couple weeks and all should be known.

They could have just caled it Y&R and used a soap opera cliff hanger approach for the marketing and the reveal.
I came up with the slogan: "Yonge + Rich" about 6-8 months ago on twitter. I swear GG & their marketing team "stole" it from me. Do I deserve to get paid? :)

Yes, please let me know if they pay you for "coming up" with a slogan for a common expression for a well known intersection...and intersection that existed before twitter hahahah. i laughed so hard at this it really did made me smile :) my father worked downtown in the 1980's and used to say "young and rich" about Yonge and Richmond. maybe they should pay him. but he's not on twitter.

p.s. your recent comments that you'd rather be homeless than live in a condo and that VIP purchasers aren't well dressed according your your fashion standards have made me laugh so hard...then I think about how awful those comments are to homeless people who would love to live in a condo as well as the very hardworking (and normal and middle-class) "VIP purchasers" who don't necessarily care about their clothing choices because they try to save money and invest in real estate to build a better life for their families

hoping to read more positive and thoughtful comments from you. i miss those :)
Five new screen caps from a new video for the project.

In the video it appears that the building is L-shaped (as opposed to the point tower that was seen in the Globe ad), with a lower portion somewhere around 22 storeys tall in the northwest corner, and an approximately 50-storey tall tower running through the block from Richmond to Lombard on the east side of the site.






Anyone glean anything else out of this yet?