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Yes, Gamerama was the place to be. Back in the day when I was a high schooler in the area and in need of good cheap video game options. They also revived my old X-Box a couple times lol. Also remembered going to Chimichanga many years ago.
Even the architect doesn't like the plaza he designed

It took more than 30 years for Alter to have a slight change of heart about the building he designed. He posted approvingly about the demolition on his Facebook page, and was surprised to see an "outpouring of response" praising the building.

"People are really bemoaning it," he said.

High school students from nearby North Toronto Collegiate Institute used to frequent a video game store in the plaza, Gamerama, to play free video games in the 1990s and into the 2000s. A sports bar held a space on the top floor in the mid-2000s, becoming a gathering place for UFC fans. And in recent years, Korean Cowboy earned a following for its tacos.

"After saying I'm not sorry to see it go, I can see that buildings like this have a real role to play in the city," said Alter. He recalled the quote by iconic urbanist Jane Jacobs, who said: "Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings."

I find it difficult to believe that Korean Cowboy developed any sort of following. I'll miss Gamerama though. EB Games not so much.
A crew of Teperman personnel where looking the site area over today. Not sure if they looking at it to see what the cost would be as a bid to tear the place down or seeing how they would go about tearing the site down with Rockport having the street block off for their project.

Matter of days or weeks before work starts on this site.