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Does anyone know when the buildings on Yonge are coming down? I see theres an approved application to take down the old rental buildings but not seeing an application yet to pull down the yonge stores....
As one who grew up there, and with a brother who worked at the Gamerama, I'm gonna deeply miss this plaza, no matter how outdated and hazardous it was to the street.
Those several stores were great. Good thing Gamerama is still near the area, albeit north a few streets.
Add me to the list of people that will miss that Gamerama location. With that said, I will likely set up patio furniture on the street and bring popcorn the day that ugly mess of a building comes down.
As of Aug 9, Only Subway and the Money Mart were still open as all the rest have moved out or been taken over by the landlord for none payment. One of the places that the landlord taken over still has all the store items still in it.

This is still on course to see demo started in Sept/Oct as note in the past.
Hi folks,

My name is Billy Ma and I am part of the new team that is working on Whitehaus Condominiums. Please feel free to ask questions and I will answer as much as I can.
I know Lloyd personally from my time at Waterloo University as he was the external professor for my Masters Thesis. Great guy all around. I promised him we'd make him proud with the new project.
A month has passed since my last post so, I thought I would provide you folks with an update.

We've discussed with our GC and the window manufacturer to provide the largest windows possible. This does however reduce the size of the windows that were previously drawn and submitted by DSAI.
The sizes that were documented were a bit unreasonable.

Over the next month or so we'll be working out all of the podium details, retail curtain walls, and paneling.
Lifetime has been a great client so far and they are invested to develop a good Yonge Street Podium/Retail front. We'll have a very nice glass canopy that merges into the retail curtain glazing.

Following new Site Plan Approval guidelines for bird friendly glazing, although controversial to some, I believe that the design of the glazing frit will add to the esthetics of the facade. I'm happy that we're not putting birds at risk.
All new Toronto buildings must take measures to counteract birdstrike, but it's more for day-to-day collisions than it is specifically for migration times. Windows from ground level up to 12 metres must now have a pattern on them that can be detected by birds (frit, maximum 10 cm between dots IIRC). If the building is beside a forest canopy, then 12 metres is just the minimum, with the frit having to go as high as the canopy.

Application: Demolition Folder (DM) Status: Permit Issued

Location: 2360 YONGE ST
Ward 16: Eglinton-Lawrence

Application#: 16 196121 DEM 00 DM Issued Date: Sep 20, 2016
Project: Retail Mall/Plaza Demolition