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Does anyone know if Tridel plans to release phase 3 and 4? The community masterplan from the tridel website has been removed. I recall they had plans for two additional towers on this site.
I recall reading City documents that suggest the 4th tower was rejected, so it would only be a 3rd tower + townhouses
You would think that a practicing Development Planner would know that huh?
What makes you think I don't ? careful with your accusations here, I'm simply stating that there was a negative City support (and Deltera have revised their plan) ... clear ?
Given how long it took to market this project compare to cross the 427, you will be lucky to see anything for what every may come for this site by 2020, if then.

Its near the flight path and doesn't help it as well having the bunker looks.

Then you got 427 noise.

There is always the OMB to deal with the city rejection.