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That photo looks identical to the October photo you posted - why has this moved so slowly?

I think the October entry is picking up the current image from the Tridel website, while today's photo is a point in time picture from earlier today. If you look at the October entry now, it shows a nighttime image, while earlier today it had an afternoon image.
Construction photography Feb. 22, 2012

Some construction photos taken February 22, 2012.




More images on the West Village image gallery and Facebook.
March 11
Not going to get many shots of this project until it gets above grade. Looks like tower 2 will not see any construction until 2013 or later if I was reading the site correct today.



First day of spring and a great day to be constructing a 27 storey tower, West Village 1.

May 04
The first tower will be at grade by month end.

There were installing tower 2 today and the slowest I seen so far to date. They had the base in when I shot the site. By the time I got over to the East Mall, they had most of the shaft up. After my meeting, the cab had been installed during my meeting and still like that after I finished shooting One Valhalla and left. Must be some erection issues with this crane tower.




wow, i assume they have less workers working on the site, especially seeing the neighbourhood valhalla is coming up at quick pace?! also, i heard rumours, originally proposed 4 towers has now reduced to 3 towers...? tridel, care to share news with us?
Was by the site today and took some shot.

From what I was seeing, no rush in building the first 2 towers and it will be a decade before the other ones are built.

I wasn't looking close, but I think the signs are gone for the proposed building next to this one on the West Mall and that was a rental.
Going by the site on Bloor St today on the bus, sorry to say it fails compare to One Valhalla in its looks.

Windows too dirty to take a photo of them in the nice crisp snow and blue sky.