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April 14
The first tower is being top off with the 2nd tower still being built.

April 30

The precast has kill this project by being plain. If it was tinted with blue as in the rendering it would rank higher than a C on my scale. Across the highway is a lot better with a B+ ranking at this stage.




"Yes, Officer, it actually was very safe for me to take the photo of the two buildings under construction with my iphone. While on the 427 southbound collector lanes. While driving a motor vehicle. Granted, the texting while taking the photo may have been a tad unsafe. I will give you that." :p

May 14

I recently made a yok about this concept on a Facebook thread; didn't remember whether it popped up here, but sure enough it did, courtesy me, five years ago--I forgot all about it

"4 Eva" will certainly go over well with the text-messaging crowd...


...maybe they should try a little Bratz theme
June 16:

This is part of my daily view on my daily drive and these towers, putting architectural merit aside, make a great gateway through the 427. Especially heading south into the city.

Took this from the Burnamthorpe (?) overpass.

427 Gateway_filtered_portrait.jpg


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July 30: Over 100 photos up on site not fix. Did a 360 of both projects

Sorry to say, Tridal cheapen on this project and doesn't come close to the rendering other than the shape.

If they had used a blueish grey precast in place of the boring standard run of the mill precast, it would a ton better. The rendering indicated a panel system to give blueish grey look.

The sales office is close as they are building the new driveway to the towers.

Night and day between the 2 complexes cross from each other with One Valhalla been the better of the 2.







I'm actually pleased to see some precast. At least these buildings have some weight and permanence, rather than looking like giant temporary garden sheds, like 300 Front etc.