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But the LCBO there will be torn down and closed for a bunch of years during construction, while this space will be ready. The LCBO does do temporary spaces quite commonly.
What's problematic about it? The fact they don't like it?
What Bjays92-san just said.

I try to hold off judging any of the buildings fully until they are almost complete, as in the early stages it's too hard to tell what the final product will look like. My assessment of The One was in response to the other members saying the materials are "first class" and things of that nature.
There is nothing wrong with calling out something that's bad if it's trending that way. And vice versa for calling it good. Sure there's a chance it could turn around when it gets closer to completion...and there's been a few examples of that. But so far for this project, I have seen no evidence of that. That is, it's pretty obvious that the design, shape and massing of this structure was to maximalize returns while minimalizing overhead in building it...with little appreciation to other buildings and its community around it, IMO.
C’mon guys! An opinion is an opinion, neither right or wrong. To each his own. There’s too much “You are nuts! I”m the only one who is the authority on architecture here” comments on this website. Sometimes I get the feeling there are a lot of wanna-be architects or ones from competing firms who didn’t get the job making the criticisms.