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all the comparisons to kowloon walled city are so overplayed and getting boring. T&S is nowhere near that scale. If it did it would have a huge community. this is just another condo project...... reminds me of my mom and her aunts, once someone gets a catchy idea everyone jumps on the bandwagon without their own thinking or thoughts.

I have been to HK. if T&S was like KWC, then I could get some decent asian food rather than missioning it all the way to spadina.... about something more interesting like the construction or how it will change retail shops nearby.
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December 3, 2022:

I just noticed that Pemberton has resumed the posting of their weekly Construction Updates for Time & Space:

For example, they confirm that concrete construction continues on the North side and "We are also triggering lobbies and townhouses on the Ground and Level 1, as we approach to close the south buildings". (whatever that means):rolleyes:. They also provide courtyard pictures from vantage points most of us don't have access to.