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Yup! The city likes to keep it as a historical novelty street with single family homes. Surrounded by highrises and skyscrapers. Maybe in the future they can find a way to zap it from this location to another dimension.
I'm right across from Draper St, and I actually find it almost magical to walk down the street late at night. It feels like the opening scene of Blade Runner, where the rich people live in skyscrapers and drive flying cars, while the rest live at a dystopian street-level. Or if you happened to have played the 90s video game, Final Fantasy VII, the Well is like the Shinra corporation headquarters, towering over the poor inhabitants of midgar down below.

I imagine that the residents of Draper St are not very happy about it, but I have a feeling they'll be just fine. Their houses are still worth a fortune and at least we'll have some better outdoor spaces than before. I'm looking forward to The Well.
Wednesday November 10: Another milestone - the external construction hoist componnents on the main office tower have been removed. Next step - complete enclosure of the building envelope so interior fit-ups can continue without any exposure to the outside elements. Also a view of the concourse structure framing, and a perspective of the entire site in the early afternoon sunshine.

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Nov 12, 2021




The Spadina/Front hoarding was recently removed.








Different from the first two buildings, this cut in area is getting a further notched in area or out. I guess it's relative.







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Sidewalk conversation recently with a leasing representative participating in a 'hard hat tour' of portions of The Well with prospective tenants - the office area component of The Well is now 94% leased....
on that note. Index Exchange is currently doing build-outs on floor 26-31 including the 2nd terrace expected to be complete and move in by may or june
Noticed today while out walking that they are about to start sidewalks on Spadina and, I think, along the eastern section of Front too. Movin' on. (The new silva cells along the south sidewalk of the (adjacent) part of Wellington (@ Spadina) is also moving along.
Public realm for this project is going to be next level with so much Claude Cormier designed hardscape and planting areas. This to me is the most exciting part of the project
Haven't posted a retail update in a while, and while most standard spaces have yet to lease (units keep changing sizes which isn't very interesting, though some improvements have been made to the second floor plan flow that I won't go into) I did find it exciting there are spaces now being leased in the Wellington Market, and so far the variety in the leasing scheme is promising. I hope for a diverse continental array here (and hoping the same at Waterworks) as it'd make for something that really represents the diverse Toronto food scene all in one spot, joints from Scarborough which are typically hard to access from Downtown would make for a great spot here.

So far signed on are some familiar names:

Hooky's (Fish and Chips)
Isabella's Mochi Donuts
Ren Sushi (Assuming the one from Friday Harbour makes this their second location)
La Cubana

(Source: Lease Brochure)