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Pictures from today; still lots of activity on the site seemingly. Front street is still closed between Draper and Spadina, looks like they have a decent amount of repair work to do.....


Tuesday, November 23: Neighbourhood Update for The Well.

The broken window on Friday happened when the spider crane on the roof was holding a window section that was to be fastened into place in the opening where the external construction hoist used to be. The openings on the lower floors have been filled in with the curtain wall window sections. The window sections appear to be staged on each of the floors, at the north side of the opening - so the crane just has to lift a window section out, and hold it in place while it is fastened to the building from the inside. What happened of course was that the wind caught the window section being placed, and it hit an already installed section of the curtain wall, shattering the window. I believe those may be stacked window sections, laid out horizontally ready for installation, that can be seen in the bottom left corner of the openings on the office floors, in the spider crane photo below.

Front Street is still closed west of Spadina, but according to one of the staff on site, is due to open later today. All the broken glass on the street has been cleaned up. Again, according to one of the staff on site, installation of the remaining window sections still needing to be enclosed will continue with the spyder hoist (it is a standard construction process) but only when there is no material wind. The picture below (from our balcony, at a distance) shows the spider crane - it is the triangular shaped form in front of the base of the derrick.

The tower crane on Building 2, the middle residential building on the Wellington Street side is coming down today. The mobile crane was set up yesterday afternoon.

The pictures - first the spider crane on top of the office tower, followed by the mobile crane on the Wellington Street boulevard right of way, and then a view of the mobile crane and the tower crane it is about to remove.


Mobile Crane.jpg

Tower Crane.jpg
The Toronto Star is moving into this building next Fall.
That would be ironic, given that the Globe and Mail used to occupy that area.

Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail now occupies a building in the Old Town next to the one formerly occupied by the Toronto Sun (which moved to the Postmedia Building next to the Rosedale on Bloor condo); Coca-Cola Canada occupies the building formerly occupied by the Toronto Sun; Coca-Cola Canada's former head office is now Costco (as retail, not offices).
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Photos taken November 23rd, 2021:

First a series from Victoria Memorial Square at varying degrees of zoom:




Then straight down the Wellington frontage, from the west:


Now from the southern edge of the construction site of King Toronto:


Back along Wellington:


Front St. still closed mid-afternoon:


Now from the south: