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Does anyone know if there was ever any discussion on a future PATH connection to The Well Project and the King Mountain projects? I can't find any information on plans for future connections. Other than the Northwest along University. If Spadina and Front are to become Union Station 2 -- more connections to the rest of the system might be in order.
Someone else will probably be able to anwser your question more in-depth but in short, there will be no PATH connections to The Well or KING Toronto. There are also no provisions in place in either development to allow for this in the future.
There are knockout panels to the south to allow for a connection to the future Spadina GO station. I guess a mini PATH could get started if anything else nearby wanted direct underground access to the GO station and the Well's amenities, but it would take something like a 500m tunnel to get the Well connected to the main PATH network. Maybe an underground pedestrian walkway could be included as part of Rail Deck Park?
I wouldn't be surprised if that move was announced without consulting employees - my guess is they received substantial internal pushback. That announcement really read (at least to me) as a CEO perhaps a bit out of touch with their workforce.

100% that this is what happened. The CEO made the announcement without consulting the workforce, and received a lot of pushback. Consequently, they are now leasing MORE space than originally anticipated, rather than less.
Two photos from this morning - June 24. First a look at the rebar nest work for the transfer slab between the drive ramp and the north west corner residential building above. A long piece of rebar is just being lowered into position by the tower crane, guided by workers standing on the rebar nest. Second photo is a general site view - two concrete pumps are active. The office tower concrete pump has been really busy so far this week, so turn-around time to move up to the next floor will hopefully be fairly quick.