Toronto Ten York Street Condos | 224.02m | 65s | Tridel | Wallman Architects

Another thing: how slummy are a lot of these elevated-highway sectors of Sao Paulo?
Doubt a car crashing into a building would cause it to collaspe. Also, don't think I've ever heard of a car even getting that far when falling off the gardiner anyways...

...I guess, that's what guardrails are there to prevent against.
This site is about to be transferred to BUILD TORONTO.


120 and 130 HARBOUR STREET – WARD 20
Declare Surplus: 120 and 130 Harbour Street, shown as Parts 1 and 2 on Sketch PS-2009-013, be declared surplus, subject to the retention of those areas and interests
required to satisfy the operational requirements of Toronto Parking Authority
and of Toronto Police Services and subject to the retention of any Required
Interests which are those interests required by law as well as those City and
other interests required to be protected, with the intended method of disposal
to be by way of transfer to Build Toronto.
Additional Property Information:
Approximate Area: 1.1 ac, with a portion under a Gardiner Expressway ramp, 0.6 ac net
Current Use: 120 Harbour – Toronto Parking Authority Carpark 177 (40 spaces)
130 Harbour – Toronto Police Services Impound lot operated by A Towing
Two signboards facing York Street on the east side of 120 Harbour St.
Issues/Comments: Environmental Assessment regarding the York Street ramp could affect the size and configuration of the parcel available for development
Im a bit confused:confused: help me here, is this lot now going to be for Subsidized Housing.

I think the idea of Build Toronto is for the City to 'extract value' from its surplus land holdings by turning over property to them. BT will then either develop these sites themselves or sell them a private developer. I thus rather doubt they will turn the land over to subsidised or non-profit housing but ...
A Google Sketchup model I did based on the 50-storey condo tower feasibility study. I added a spire and some fins that absolutely put BAC to shame and voila... a modern-day Flatiron Building. Height to the top of the spire is 615ft. (Note: I did not read ProjectEnd's challenge before doing this.)


South 'elevation'


West 'elevation'


East 'elevation'

Model placed in Google Earth, with its potential neighbours Ice Condos and Maple Leaf Square.






holy smokes! that's awesome, how long did that take you?
By the way a bit off topic but that above ground parking lot behind the Waterclub, and south west of this lot is one of the ugliest parking structures i have ever seen anywhere.:eek:
Wyliepoon, those are awesome... and it reminds me how much I love the Gardiner... which will soon become an even more impressive drive into the city.
By the way a bit off topic but that above ground parking lot behind the Waterclub, and south west of this lot is one of the ugliest parking structures i have ever seen anywhere.:eek:

Believe it or not, but it was actually "improved" when Waterclub was being built.
^IIRC, that was the plan but, the owner wouldn't budge. It could also be an urban legend.
why would the community be appalled?

Because that is what NIMBYs do. The people who bought condos which blocked other people's view are appalled at the thought of a condo that blocks their view. The people who bought a condo in the downtown and find it crowded complain about another condo coming and making it crowded.
Ya a girl in my building (Boutique Condos), who is on the condo board wants to stop a building from being built on King St. The one beside the theatre, just because it's going to be tall and potentially block views. So lame.
cool Google Earth renders. This project would be a great addition to the Gardiner corridor, further helping the expressway to "disappear" into the urban fabric of lower downtown.
That google earth render is exactly what I hope doesn't end up happening here. This is one of the few great opportunities for a flatiron building and it would be a shame if we just got a bland glass tower on a wimpy 2 story podium.