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A 50 story building here would have to be very iconic. It could not be anything ordinary.

They might have to go with a Dubai style building.

I believe it is the job, nay, the responsibility of communities everywhere to be appalled at the possibility of tall buildings being erected near them. Even if it is in downtown Toronto. On otherwise useless land. In downtown Toronto. Did I mention that already?
Even unused land surrounded by more unused land or more such hideously tall buildings.

Stand up citizens ... fight for your rights!
A Google Sketchup model I did based on the 50-storey condo tower feasibility study. I added a spire and some fins that absolutely put BAC to shame and voila... a modern-day Flatiron Building. Height to the top of the spire is 615ft. (Note: I did not read ProjectEnd's challenge before doing this.)


South 'elevation'


West 'elevation'


East 'elevation'

Model placed in Google Earth, with its potential neighbours Ice Condos and Maple Leaf Square.





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Change the fin at the top to an opaque white glass, and you'd have my vote! :p
It kind of looks like the NY Times building meets Toronto's Shangri-La.
wylie ~ you never cease to amaze ! great work ~ thanks :D
Great work wylie coyote !

I did a google map search for the location of this site and I'm confused. The picture from the Star was completely wrong.

One noted the site just south of MLS; while another had it east of Water Club. SO which one is it ???
I It would be scary if any cars run off the ramp. The whole building may collapse cuz it's right infront of it. I think they should get rid of the gardiner first. ]

Torontos elevated section of road is short compared to citys like Tokyo or Sao Paulo which have longer spans and many more buildings right next door.

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yea, but if you look closely at the photo, they aren't that close to the elevated highway. There's some space in between. But with 120 Harbour, it's practically touching it. I little too close for comfort. But then, if builders build, I don't think some buyers care until something happens and investors definitely wouldn't care. Since people would buy Panorama I'm sure there are probably peeps who would buy here too. I just find it a bit too close for comfort.

With the podium, I guess it pushes the residence away a bit and lifts it up. But then, the podium is so close.