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From Nov 5th (not much exterior change since my Oct 4th picture?):

I could do without the stepped pattern. Hopefully, they can get the second phase built sooner than later (and the affordable housing building) to complete the block.
Post and beam construction can only be admired by going inside.

I like the look of the facade. It harkens back to mid century glass modernism. I don't find the rigid step pattern adds much intrinsic value. It only muddles the clean lines.
This is a solid project and a great addition to the area. Looking forward to seeing the second phase whenever that rises.
It's ok, obviously high quality, and am always a fan of timber buildings going up. But despite being objectively high quality I can't say I love it.

The problem is we can't see the mass timber anymore, which is disappointing for many (most?) of us. It looks like an ordinary office building now, albeit with higher-quality cladding. Japan does wood buildings better indeed. (And based on the third pic, Japan does sidewalks better too.)




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This timber style building is so nice! Does anyone know when the second tower is going to start?
I feel if the fin curtain wall would (no pun intended) have worked out better if it was more dramatically punched as well, IMO.