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I can see the point of centralizing efforts, but at the same time I kind of like the mismatched aesthetic. I like that the big towers sort of spill out onto the sidewalks with their own distinct paving patterns.

I find it problematic because it looks like the wealthy owners have bought up the public realm as well. Bay Street has a national identity that would be appropriate to underline with a cohesive and attractive public realm.
Just an FYI

Just a heads up... the hoist on the south side of the building will start coming down this weekend! I have to admit, I'm not going to miss it! If you've ever been to Disney and rode the Tower of Terror... you can't help but think of it when you're going up the side of the building!

We're getting closer and closer to opening!
not on the spire?.

Not on the spire. The East side of the mechanical box is lit from below tonight, but it doesn't look permanent to me (a bit harsh in intensity at the base and tapering off abruptly, probably just for ongoing night work in preparation of cladding?). Tried to takes pics but my camera simply can't capture night shots. Hopefully the real photogs on UT will capture it in days to come. It's not impressive or anything, just a development lightarchitect noted.
The east side of Trump from Lombard Street (sorry, iPhone capture)

It looks like the granite sidewalks are going to be a light pink colour. At first I thought that maybe it was going to match the Scotia sidewalks - but I I think that the Scotia sidewalk granite is a darker red. I'm not sure that this will look very good against the grey and black granite of the tower, but I suppose that we'll need to wait and see what the finished product looks like. At the very least, it's certainly better than poured cement!

Great contrast, I like it.
It does look a little mismatched right now. Maybe once Toronto Hydro puts down some strips of asphalt it'll pick up the black granite better?
i don't like the pink, maybe its dusty or something and the colour will change,

i do however, like how the granite looks at street level/the way it meets the sidewalk.
nice building,
Trump is flawed and clumsy but lots of things I like are. It's not surprising it doesn't appear as anybody's first choice but I think it's a stretch to say there is no love for it, at least among those of us outside the square-box club.