Toronto Richmond Adelaide Centre: 120 & 130 Adelaide West Recladding | 136.85m | 35s | Oxford Properties | WZMH

The classic modernist tower doesn't seem to be getting the same quality treatment as it's 1980s sibling which makes this a whole lot worse. I'm not surprised by this.
These buildings have become bizarrely difficult to photograph. From yesterday afternoon, looking for the right angle:


I'm not for change when it comes to changing the facade of this building. But thank God new facade has a solid deep mirror look to it. The reflection is so strong that it's going to look pretty awesome in this location !
Unfortunately there is nothing of architectural interest in the area to reflect. Perhaps had they done this with the Simpson tower in the very least it might have mirrored the facade of Old City Hall.
God so much glass upon glass.
Isn't there some kind of architectural or design integrity expected? I mean, not only does the over-concentration of glass in the area depreciate the updated buildings, but it also depreciates the look of other similar buildings around it .
The only thing I can imagine is that the decision was made without any context for the area by somebody in a boardroom that just thought it looked better than what they had.