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Jul 4, 2012
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Proposed recladding of Richmond/Adelaide Centre (120 and 130 Adelaide West), showing before and after images.


Better quality from the Dev App site

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All the drawings are up in the Dev App site for this, by the way. Real shame to see the architectural diversity of our city core fall to flavour-of-the-moment re-cladding projects. Building envelopes have a finite lifespan, but there's no need to use glazing for every. Single. Last. Project.
Do you have a link for the Development site? I can't see it in there.
Awful. Just awful.

I used to work in 130 Adelaide and had no issue with the windows. They already are quite expansive and let in a lot of light. I don't see why they couldn't reclad in a manner sympathetic with the original design. These buildings are well-known, well-located and iconic within the financial district - I doubt they are hard to lease as-is.
Never thought I'd say this about either of them, but time to slap some heritage protection on these.

Oxford should at least attempt to recreate the original look. These renders are very disappointing.
120 should of had some heritage protection if it doesn't already.

130 has me perplexed to go through with a complete reclad. As bad as this is, I would hate if this plan kept the superstructure of the facade. Most of that glass will be spandrel.
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I always thought that 130 (the Oxford Tower) was like our mini Willis Tower. It's always been one of my favourites in the financial district. I'm not a fan of this reclad at all -- the only advantage will be that the three towers in the complex will have matching cladding.
Larger images from the submission:

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viewSupportingDoc (38)-14 - Copy.jpg
viewSupportingDoc (39)-14 - Copy.jpg


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Guess Oxford wants to make a sort of 'campus' of visually linked buildings.

Should keep 130 at the minimum- way too much blue glass otherwise.

The 120 reclad looks "somewhat" more respectful--unless they're intent on mirroring *that* up, too (unclear from the rendering).

Actually, 120 and 130 are *already* visually linked; the 1979 "Willis" has a black-spandrel cladding pattern that references the 1965 original. (And the latter's definitely of "heritage interest", as a groundbreaker not unlike 111 Richmond a decade earlier--Toronto's first real Seagram/PVM-style freestanding-tower-in-a-plaza, and its below-level shopping concourse was the first true seed from which the PATH grew)