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A lot of us that live around here are pretty excited by this. They are deep into Hive which is really something already. This will add many new faces to one of the better Queensway areas. Right across the street, and just east there lie some very good restaurants. Having 100 or so people with some money should be very beneficial to those places.

The side streets are very walkable and we have good parks. So more folks walking a few blocks east to spend some money at Grappa is an awesome thing. What would be great is if we ever see a starbucks around Q and Royal York. There is a lot of money in the lovely town homes in my area. The next street to me is Gala lane where everycar seems to be a BMW,Audi or Porsche. And many if not most of the little bungalows are being ripped down, replaced by some really nice big homes. These folks I am sure can afford a good meal up the street. And with more volume from the condos Q and RY could turn into a real beachhead for good things on the Q. I am really pumped!
Ha! Interesting, but very lame name for this project. The Yonge-Eglinton Centre redevelopment is using the name "Cube" so I guess these guys were out of luQ Qoncerning the letter "C".
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Dropped by the sales office ....

Expecting to break ground soon and aiming for a mid-2014 completion date. Staff on hand didn't know what percentage was sold, but a good amount of units were available. Nice floorplans. Mid-$400/sqft range. $0.40/sqft maint.

Edit: Looking at the rendering again, this looks a lot like iT Lofts on College ... minus the rooftop patios
Hopefully we get more interesting retail tenants than the couple at Loggia. The built form was alright, but the street level interaction is poor.
Hoarding going up.



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haha.... the green makes it look like a green screen ..... like there going to be shooting a movie on it. ...use computer animation later to make it look
like a future sky line.